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Italian property target of strong dollar buyers

U.S. second homebuyers are checking out European properties for sale this summer

UK, France and Italy are enjoying the lion’s share of the interest. The three European countries have been the most popular destinations for travel beyond the US’s borders between June and August 2015.

But it’s not just a vacation for all, an increasing number of U.S. travellers were looking to pick up a second home while on their vacation, at least that’s the case in Italy.

U.S. buyers on the rise

An agent commented, “Our enquiry rate for the first half of 2015 is over 20% higher than for the same period in 2014. With a strong US dollar against the Euro, buyers from the USA have increased in numbers. Restored country houses remain the most popular choice but we’ve also seen a growing trend in townhouses, where buyers can enjoy the benefits of having shops, restaurants, cafés and local markets right on their doorstep.”

“Italy is a tourist destination enjoyed by visitors from all over the world and many of those hail from the US. Our two countries have ties that span centuries and modern-day Italy still holds many attractions for American visitors. We’ve found that many of those who come here are utterly charmed by Italy’s attributes, from its stunning architecture to its beautiful beaches, as well as the local cuisine and the open, welcoming nature of most regions.”

A U.S. buyer who now owns an Italian property, describes the Country as, “an astonishing combination of land, sea, sun and history, colliding with culture and casual sophistication. You cannot help but love the food, the wine, the restaurants and the markets.”

Standard of living

Commenting on: “We chose to go a portion of a townhouse in order to be able to own a luxury property that had all the amenities we could wish for within walking distance. We notice that Many families prefer to stroll into town to find a restaurant for dinner and enjoy a glass of local wine, without having to decide who will be the designated driver on the way home. Or to let the children head to the local bakery for early morning pastries, while the adults keep a watchful eye on them from the roof terrace… an ideal holiday property in the ideal location is what is more important”

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